Catherine Loriot

In 2005 Catherine was awarded with a personalized medal of French National Assembly. A solemn presentation of the award in France was performed by the deputy of France Michel Rezon, and in St. Petersburg the medal was presented by French consul general Pascal Mober.
Personalized Medal of French National Assembly.
For Russian folk songs singing Catherine was awarded with a title of a Laureate of first degree (diploma and medal were presented) at the II International Youth Contest Angel Nadezhdy (Angel of Hope) in 2005.
A diploma of the II International Youth Open Contest Songs and dances of peoples of Russia and World Angel of Hope.
In 2006 she was awarded with a first degree diploma (Grand Prix) in nomination Author and performer at Alexander-Nevsky Festival.
A diploma of first degree for the performance considered among the best at the elimination contest of the V International Alexander-Nevsky Festival of Orthodoxal and Patriotic Art Song in nomination Author and performer.
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