Catherine Loriot


Ekaterina Komarova was born and bred in St. Petersburg. Catherine graduated from school with advanced study of French. Also she completed her studies at the School of Arts majoring in Choral Singing and College of Culture and Arts, Choral Conductor department.

Catherine continually improves her mastery studying vocal technique.

Since 1998 Catherine makes her own solo program French chanson.

The program comprises songs of French chansonnier, the period of the 30s (XX century) and later.

In 2002 Ekaterina Komarova released a disc "Montmartre a la Nevski" ("Montmartre on Nevsky") under her stage-name Catherine Loriot.

The singer takes part in cultural events timed to historical dates, holidays, in particular events, held by diplomatic organizations.

Catherine sings in public at presentations and corporative holidays, works on philharmonic and club stages.

Catherines concerts were held in Academic Chapel, Beloselsky-Belozersky palace, the concert hall by Finlandsky railway station, Music-Hall, the concert hall in Saint Petersburg hotel, in Mikhail Shemyakin fund, French-Russian club, Gigant-Hall concert hall, Olimpia club, in Raykin theatre and many others.

At the same time Catherine sings in jazz-clubs and art-cafes, she cooperates with Petersburg-concert organization.

In 2004 and 2005 Catherine performed on a tour in France.

In 2005 at Scenic Art Festival in Luxeuil Catherine sang with an accompaniment of French accordion-player Mathieu Chaussalet.

Ekaterina Komarova had concerts in Paris, Nancy, Luxeuil and other cities of France.
There were broadcasts about her tour and concerts in France on "FRANCE 3" TV-channel and "FRANCE BLEU" radio station. Newspaper "LEST" published several articles about Ekaterina Komarova (2004-2005).

In 2004 Catherine became the first member of World Association Edith Piafs friends in Russia and CIS.

In 2005 Catherine was awarded with a name medal of French National Assembly. A solemn presentation of the award in France was performed by the deputy of France Michel Rezon, and in St. Petersburg the medal was presented by French consul general Pascal Mober.
Ekaterina Komarova cooperates with many musicians and ensembles. Her concerts are accompanied by accordion, piano and orchestra music, or phonogram minus 1.

Musical interests of Catherine include argentine tango and Astor Piazzola music. Catherine performed at tango evenings with a tango-quartette.

Catherine sings Russian folk songs and old russian chants as well.
For Russian folk songs Catherine was awarded with a title of a Laureate of first degree (diploma and medal were presented) at the II International Youth Contest Angel Nadezhdy (Angel of Hope) in 2005.

Catherine is an author of several songs in ethnic style.

In 2006 she was awarded with a first degree diploma (Grand Prix) in nomination Author and performer at the V International Alexander-Nevsky Festival.

There was a radio broadcast on one of the St. Petersburg radio stations, dedicated to Catherines victory on the festival (2006).

In 2007 Ekaterina Komarova sang her own songs at the II International Festival Nevskiye Kupola (the Nevsky cupola). Her performance was marked out by the jury, Catherine got a special award For musical expressiveness and picturesqueness.

Catherines solo-concerts on the 31st of December, 2006 in Youth theatre on Fontanka river and on the 7th of January, 2007 in Dostoevsky museum were both sold out.

On the 14th of February a concert in a club B2(Moscow) was a success, as well as a concert in Apshu club (Moscow) on the 8th of March.

In June, 2007 another radio broadcast about Ekaterina Komarova could be heard.

June 14, 2007 In TV-program Zhivye lyudi (People live) on St-Petersburg TV-station there was a concert-meeting with Ekaterina Komarova (Loriot) and "Chanson Defile" ensemble.

As a part of the Musical sitting-rooms of St. Petersburg project on the 20th of July Catherines concert in Rimsky-Korsakov memorial apartment was held.

On the 22nd of June Ekaterina Komarova sang in public at the XV International Art Festival Master-Class which took place in Smolny Cathedral concert hall.

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